A Conversation with Ayman Sadiq

The list of his achievements is quite long. After winning the title of renowned branding competition of the country Brandwitz, he did not opt to seem laid-back; rather more passionately he started chasing his long-cherished dream of 10 Minute School and totally pulled it off with utmost success. And, today its number of fans followers in social media is 90K and still counting. DU TIMZ has had a chat with this ‘young and restless’ fellow. Here is the pivotal part of the conversation captured for the audience- 

Ayman Sadiq

How did the idea of 10 Minute School come into your mind?

I was fascinated with the idea of teaching just after I started teaching in batches. The very idea of motivating someone and creating a positive dent in his life made me even more interested in teaching. So I used to help my students online as well and soon figured out that there should be a more convenient approach of delivering educational content with ease and efficiency. Inspired by Khan Academy and a few YouTube tutorial channels, I planned to create a platform where people could get all types of support for the local courses in our country. I’m a wannabe designer and it was easy for me visualize my idea and give it a digital life. Soon I started sharing this thought and many people encouraged me to go forward with it. So there I was, a 2nd-year student, with a huge dream ready to fail and give it a go.

What was your inspiration behind this initiative? 

As I previously said, Khan Academy and some YouTube tutorial channels inspired me to launch 10 Minute School.

What will be the position of ‘online education’ in the our education system in near future?  

We are currently trying to put all the university courses online with the help of university faculty members from Dhaka University, BUET & North South University. So we can safely say that the entire education experience will be online in five years from now. Starting from early play group materials to as advanced as university content will be readily available digitally.

10 Minutes School Team

The 10 Minute School Team

How do you preapre yourself before making a content (both video and infographic)?

We have a lot of passionate teachers in the team and hence it’s not a tough task to get the content ready. All we have to think about is how we can deliver that in a fashion that is completely new and interesting.

How do you remain focused into your work? What is your secret mantra?

I have been working in a lot of projects from the very beginning of my university life. So I had to learn how to deal with multiple projects at the same time. Multi-tasking doesn’t help and all you need to do is to take one project at a time and keep the rest out of your mind while doing so.

What will be your advice to people who dreams to be an entrepreneur?

As we grow older we tend to become skeptical and focus more on the obstacles. Be optimistic, find your passion and while you are still a student, just do what you do best and enjoy the ride.

Which project you are coming up with next?

The next big project would be the university courses from all the top public and private universities of Bangladesh.

What are the things those differ you from others?

I only think about the things that are within my control and leave out the rest which are beyond my control. That surely makes life easier.

What is your favourite book and favourite movie?

I don’t have a favourite book but I have a lot of favourite movies. I guess ‘Shawshank Redemption’ would be the most favourite one.

Definition of success in your eyes-

When your close people view you as someone very special.

How did University of Dhaka helped you in building your carrier and reaching the position where you are now today?

People say that you are the average of 5 people you spend the most time with. Dhaka University took that average to a whole new level. All the aspiring minds always inspired me to go even further.

How are you enjoying your DU life? 

Well now that it’s over I’m just missing it like anything. The futsal matches, the economic lunch packages, the greenery and the people there, everything seems more precious than ever now.


Sajidur Rahman and Shalehin Kabir Rifat

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